Exclusive Fernando Jose Q&A:Excited for RCFIA Season

Read along as RCFIA.com sits down for an exclusive interview with Brawny F1 Team driver Fernando Jose

Q: Fernando, you have been perhaps the biggest proponent of Radio Controlled F1 in the Northern California area. What does the upcoming RCFIA Formula 1 season mean to you?

Fernando Jose: It’s very exciting to see F1 RC come alive again in Northern CA. The series will showcase how cool these cars really are to race and the realism of open wheel racing at the R/C level. I’m hoping this brings F1 RC racing back for good at all our local tracks.

Q: What are your thoughts on the current crop of Formula 1 racing chassis?

FJ: The crop of all the current F1 chassis are all very competitive. It is apparent from the last few race results that you really can’t go wrong with any chassis. Of course this wouldn’t have happened without the Pit Shimizu tires. They have transformed the cars into ones that can now be pushed and raced hard making for some exciting and close racing.

Q: Care to add anything else to this interview?

FJ: I’d like to thank Eric Vasutin of NorCal hobbies for always supporting the F1 class. I’d also like to thank the local NorCal racers that have consistently come to NorCal to race F1, you guys are the reason why F1 is back!


Look for Fernando and and The Brawny F1 Team near the top of the leaderboards starting Sept. 2!