Exclusive Q&A with Mercenary F1’s Zac Wheatcroft

RCFIA talks chassis, testing and outlook with Mercenary F1’s Zac Wheatcroft!

Q: For the inagural RCFIA points season, you will be operating the 3Racing/Exotek FGX chassis. Tell us a little about why you have chosen this innovative ride? What are it’s key features?

ZW: Well Joe, as you know, the FGX is a really advanced chassis, featuring a fully independent rear suspension, and all the perks that come with it. As this type of chassis is new to the Mercenary F1 Team, which has more of a background in touring car racing, we wanted to jump in with something a bit more familiar to us in terms of tuning. Since we’re a brand-new F1 team, there are also budget considerations. This fine chassis had been on the market for a while, so it just seemed like a perfect fit. Mercenary F1 is also running a conventional solid-axle chassis, so we’re hedging our bets!

Q: Have you been able to perform any pre-season testing?

ZW: My teammate Matt Yapelli has been working extensively with the team’s original solid-axle chassis, and it’s been running fast laps in pre-season racing at Ukiah and Santa Rosa. Unfortunately, the FGX will not hit the track until the first event of the 2012 series in Union City this weekend, but we’re confident we can get it dialed in pretty quickly.

Q: What will be your “plan of attack” for the series start on September 2 @ Union City?

ZW: Arrive early, get the cars on the track for some last-minute tuning, and I guess we’ll just take it from there.

Q: For 2012 we see you teaming up with Matt Yapelli, another newcomer to the Formula 1 scene….talk about this collaboration?

ZW: Matt and I have been racing for some time in both on and off-road events – not as teammates, but as close competitors. As the F1 season loomed ahead, and there was an option to form a team, we thought this would be a great matchup.

Q: Anything else you’d like to say?

ZW: This should be an exciting season opener at the Grand Prix of Union City, where as a new team we have high hopes, and are eager to learn from the faster, more established teams we’ll be racing against.