RCFIA Mid-Week News and Notes: Sept 19, 2012

Words: Cameron Wagner, Joe Nolasco
Photos: Joe Nolasco


Both Team Lotus JPS entries experienced mechanical failures before the start of the RCFIA Grand Prix of Roseville. Sept. 16, 2012

With problems for both of the Team JPS Lotus cars in last Sunday’s Roseville Grand Prix, some changes are on the way. Before the race even started, Cameron Wagner detected a problem with his steering and was forced to watch from the sidelines.  The problem was tracked down to a faulty Airtronics 94145 steering servo. “That’s the last time I will use 15 year old equipment in my car,” said the frustrated driver.  Rumor has it the part has been replaced with one from KO Propo.

Eric Vasutin’s main event did not go much better.  A crew member accidentally plugged in one of the “life lines” from the roof of the garage into the wrong place on the car.  This resulted in a blown clutch which meant that the car always had to be in motion, otherwise the motor would just die.  Not only that, but it was stuck in third gear.  That crew member has since been sacked.  Eric soldiered on to an 8th place finish, gathering precious points as we reach the halfway point of the season.



Scuderia P1 Tamiya F104V2 after Joe Nolasco’s massive crash in Qualifying. Grand Prix of Roseville. Sept. 16, 2012

Joe Nolasco’s heavy accident in qualifying at Roseville left him with a concussion and unable to start the main event. The car was almost completely destroyed up front.  However, P1 Scuderia di Cavalli’s sturdy Tamiya F104v2 has been rebuilt to a state as good as new, and Joe was deemed healthy enough to attend and photograph the main event, whilst the Scuderia’s 3rd driver Randy Lathrop (USA) looked after Nolasco’s single seater eventually finishing in P5.  Ripon is up next and Joe had this to say:

“The accident was a brutal one, but it actually looked much worse than it was. Credit to Randy for getting our Tamiya F104V2 back up to race-spec and also for driving well. This was his first time piloting a Formula 1 car in a race and he did quite well given the circumstances.”

The Scuderia’s 3rd Driver, Randy Lathrop preparing for the start of the Formula 1 Main event. RCFIA Grand Prix of Roseville. Sept. 16, 2012.



Will RCFIA Powerhouse Brawny F1 be looking for a second driver?

Michael Carino hasn’t had a press conference yet, but it is rumored that he is done with Formula 1 after only one race at Union City.  He was a no-show at Roseville.  Who will replace him at the always impressive Brawny F1 Team? Fernando Jose, team owner and driver, was unable to be reached for comment.