In addition to the individual driver’s Championship, the RCFIA F1 Series also offers an optional to participate in Team “Constructors” Points Championship.  This page lists the teams and drivers that are scheduled to be part of the RCFIA 2015 Formula 1 Season.  Teams must be registered by the start of qualifying on August 8, 2015 to be eligible for team points.  This is also where car number reservations are listed.  Car numbers can be registered at any point before or during the season as long as the number doesn’t already belong to another driver or team.  #1 may not be used for any car other than the reigning champion.  To register teams and car number email

RCFIA Drivers

Eric Vasutin – #21

Blake Cannon – #3

Joe Nolasco – #31

John Hicks

Brian Ferrario

Jason Ross – #20

Ryun Gordon – #92



Scuderia P1

  • Blake Cannon-#3
  • Glenn Price- #4

Lotus Caterham

  • Eric Vasutin-#21
  • Jason Ross-#20

Mercenary Toro Verde

  • Arthur Knight-#30
  • Joe Nolasco-#31

LMF1AO Racing

  • John Hicks
  • Brian Ferrario