RCFIA Sporting Regulations

The 2015 Radio Control Fédération Internationale de Automobile Formula 1 Series Sporting Regulations

Last revision: 5/22/2015

Any brand/make/model of 1/10 electric Formula 1 single seater chassis is welcome to compete in the RCFIA Formula 1 series, However;

  • Maximum track width is 190mm
  • Max Wheelbase is 270mm
  • The front suspension must be mounted to the chassis within the confines of the body and must be purpose built for Formula 1 cars with authenticity in mind.
  • Rubber Tires must be used with purpose made Formula 1 wheels.  Inserts are an option.
  • All tires must be available for purchase by the general public through standard hobby retailers. Custom or “hand-built” tires are not allowed.
  • Rear solid or independent axle 2wd only.
  • Motors: ROAR Approved 21.5 Brushless Motor or Tamiya Johnson 540J (#53689) brushed Motors only.  No Illegal modifications of any kind to motors are allowed.
    • If running Brushless- Any Roar Approved Non-Ramping Electronic Speed Control may be used.
      • All speed controllers must be operated in “Zero-Timing Mode”.  This is usually denoted by a flashing light (‘blinky mode’) when the speed control is powered on and in the neutral throttle position.
  • 2s 7.4v Lipo or 6-cell Ni-Mh ROAR Approved Hardcase Only.  Lipo batteries must not exceed 8.44v at any time.
  • Minimum vehicle ready-to-race weight is 1050g
  • All vehicles are subject to inspection by RCFIA Officials during any RCFIA event.
  • RCFIA does not run pit stops.

Note: RCFIA reserves the right to alter rules as needed to promote safe, fair and enjoyable racing for all participants.  The RCFIA will make every attempt to notify all concerned parties of any changes in a timely manner.